Tuesday, March 1, 2011

A Colorful New Purse!

Here's the latest in my line of purses in the Loom Dude collection:

back view:

A sweet color scheme, courtesy of Loops & Threads Charisma Yarn, Lakeside color. I knit from two skeins simultaneously, 1 over 1, using the yellow straight loom, double-stranding the already thick yarn. It was difficult to knit off as a result, but the tight knit made it worth the extra effort.

The inside is cotton fabric:

Here it is in progress:

Yes, this one is a gift for someone who hasn't gotten it yet, but when it arrives it will be quite a surprise! I haven't sewn the label inside yet, but here's what it looks like:

I think it came out much better than the last label I did. I used a permanent marker for the last label, but the tip was too broad and made the writing bleed. This time I found my thin-tipped permanent marker and it came out much better. Eventually I want to get my own custom made labels, but for now my budget says I need to use the less expensive ones.
The finished purse measures 7.25" x 10.5" (minus the handles).


  1. what a beautiful person lucky person to get this.

  2. lovely! have you considered hand stitching your logo on the labels with floss or thread? love love love your work!

  3. Beautiful purse! I love using Charisma yarn with the Knifty Knitters, because you can get by with using just one strand of yarn. Man, I don't know how you managed two stands on those the long loom with those short pegs. I'll bet your hands were tired before it was over.

  4. Indeed my hands were tired from all that pulling, but I tried to wrap the pegs as loosely as possible to prevent it from being too tight. The first peg on each row was always the toughest to knit off.

    I cnsidered for a brief second stitching my label with thread, but it was just a fleeting thought.

  5. I agree! I think you should add your label! Great Purse!

  6. lol....mail me your labels and i will stitch your logo on them and send them back....lol

  7. This is so cute Greg! It's wonderful. I love your label. This is what is so endearing about the handmade!

  8. I was wondering what you did on the bottom of this bag. Did you sew it closed or how did you choose to close that end? nicely done.

  9. I sewed it closed first with yarn. Then I sewed the lining to the inside bottom of the bag with needle and thread, so it wouldn't move when things are put in and out of the bag.