Tuesday, February 22, 2011

100 Days; Scarf & Hat Sets

Recently my daughter's school celebrated 100 Days of school. I helped her with two creative projects that she needed to have for the celebration. For the first project, she had to put 100 objects on a piece of paper. The suggested using toothpicks, pasta, beans, etc. At first I thought, "How about knitting something that has 100 stitches?" But I decided against that idea, since I knew she would need to explain that to the teacher. Finally I decided her portion of the project would be to glue some confetti contruction paper squares to the paper, glue 100 lentils to the paper, and I would knit the number 100 and glue it to the paper:

She liked it, and the teacher commented on how clever the idea was!

The second creative project was to decorate a shirt for a fashion show they would be having at school. I decided to cut the number 100 out of felt, and then sew on 100 sequins to it. Then I cut out her name in felt and sewed it to the back of the shirt. She squirted glue to the front of the shirt and added glitter. You can see the results here: http://artmangreg.blogspot.com/2011/02/100-days.html . I think it came out pretty good, and the teacher did also! Now that I know how to actually make felt, I plan on making her a felted hat to wear.

Over the last two weeks I also loom knit 2 scarf and hat sets for someone. I was very happy with the results, since they were both Lion Brand Homespun colors I had not used before. The first one is Corinthian:

When the person chose Corinthian as the color, I wasn't so sure about it. I didn't know how the variations in color would actually look once knitted. But it came out lush and fabulous.

The second color is Montana Sky:

What a beautiful color of blue! So rich, with subtle variations in tone. The person who bought these scarf and hat sets was very pleased. I know I'll be using both Corinthian and Montana Sky again for future projects.


  1. These look wonderful. I love the blue color!

  2. I love the results with the Corinthian. The color is amazing and you did a wonderful job. Which loom did you use? Some people don't like to use Homespun because they say that it kind of breaks but I just love it. Thanks for sharing.