Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Another Loom Knit Purse, and a Scarf!

This purse I loom knit for a friend of mine as a surprise gift -



I made it to match the hat that I had previously made for her, using the popcorn bobble stitch pattern ( http://loomdude.blogspot.com/2010/11/no-more-pumpkins-for-now.html ). I made this purse in the same way that I made the other two, but this time I used Hometown USA Oakland Black.

In progress (the inside lining is on the left):

I also hid the bottom part of the handles a lot better than my first two attempts. And for the first time I used a label with my name on it – Loom Dude.

I found a nice button at the department store that added just enough contrast to the knitting without drawing too much attention to itself. I knew I wanted to use a button for a latch that was a flower in shape. I found a plastic black one that is multifaceted and reflects the light when it moves. Overall, the purse was a success, and the recipient was overjoyed at receiving it.An elegant little purse that would go perfectly with a little black dress, right?

Next, someone asked me to knit a grey and black scarf for them, and they wanted a solid dark grey color. At first I didn’t think that a dark grey and black would offer much contrast, and I didn’t see any Homespun greys that were extremely dark. Finally I settled on Homespun Black and Edwardian.

Edwardian is not a solid gray when you look at it, but when it knits up it has a soft, silvery sheen to it that is just awesome. The person I knit it for loved it.

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