Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Two Loom Knit Purses!

Here are two sweet little purses that I knit for Christmas gifts in 2010! The first one I made for my Mom using the yellow straight loom on 34 pegs (counting the corner peg and using a loom clip).

I did a double strand 1 over 1 e-wrap stitch, using 2 skeins of Loops & Threads Impeccable Worsted yarn, Earth Ombre color. The bamboo handles I picked up from an online craft supply shop, the button and the inside fabric I bought from Walmart. The purse is 8” long and 6” wide. It doesn’t have a large opening for the purse because the handles take up so much room, but it was my first time making one so it was a learning experience. For the inside lining I just sewed together two pieces of fabric that I cut out, and then sewed the bottom edge of the lining to the inside bottom edge of the knitted purse. Then I sewed the top lining along the edge of the top.

The button holder is simply an i-cord.

This purse I made for my wife:



I made it the same way but I used alpaca yarn (1 gauge) and Ella Rae Amity yarn color 3 (which I think is cocoa), using the two strands together to knit 1 over 1. I chose these colors to match an alpaca poncho that she has. I made her purse the same way as my Mom’s, but for the flap on top I simply bind off one side of the loom, then knit on the flap on the other side of the loom and bind off. Once again I made an i-cord for the button loop. I got the handles from the same online craft supply store, but they are a different style.

I made one more purse as a surprise gift for Christmas for someone which I will post next week, and I am working on another one as a gift for someone next month. Everyone was delighted with their gifts!

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  1. Both of these turned out nicely, but I like the yarn in your Mom's purse best and the lining & handles on your wife's purse best. Great job and a very thoughtful gift.