Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Baby Doll Stages

Here's the baby doll in progress:
First I removed the arms from the body and used the spool loom to create the sleeves. I did a drawstring cast on so I could tighten one end of the sleeve so it would flare out like a bell shape. I used a simple 1 over 2 e-wrap stitch. I made the sleeve in two segments and then sewed them together.
Next I made the upper part of the dress using the flower loom. It was a little tight near the waistline (dare I say such a thing), but I knew that part would be covered up with the hoop part of the dress. I attached an I-cord to the front of the dress to add interest. I had to remove the head in order to fit the dress on.
I created the outer part of the dress using the flap technique that I used to create the wings on the hens I made at Easter time. The bottom part of the dress naturally curled up once I took it off the loom. I used the round red loom to create the dress.
More details to come...

Monday, June 28, 2010

My Baby Doll!

Here's a sweet little doll that I worked on for about 2 weeks, using the FibreCraft Air Freshener Doll. I thought a lit about how I wanted her to look, and designed her dress in several stages, which I will be posting during this week. But first, here is the finished product:

I used Bernat Baby Coordinates for the yarn. Under her dress is a coffee can, and for awhile I was calling it my coffee can doll, but that name just doesn't sound romantic enough, does it?

4th of July

I will be posting a fun 4th of July project that I worked on earlier this year before the end of this week! But first...

Thursday, June 17, 2010

For Dad... or not

Here are my Father's Day projects! The first one is a bank I made from a coffee can:

I used the red round loom to make the sleeve and drew up a diagram of where I thought the word "Dad" should be on the can. It looks fine when the yarn isn't stretched onto the can, but once I put it on the can the word "Dad" became difficult to read. Perhaps if I used a different kind of yarn? I used Homespun, which doesn't stretch a whole lot. I didn't try the next larger size loom because I thought it might be too loose on the can, but perhaps next time...

Here is a movie I filmed using my cell phone so you can see the word "Dad:"

Next up: another coffee can sleeve, but this time I wanted to create a dollar sign. I used Vanna White navy blue and Red Heart Paddy Green & Soft White. I didn't stretch it onto the can to see how it would fit yet, but when I do I will post the picture. I thought the dollar sign came out pretty good, except I was a little off at the bottom of the dollar sign.

Finally, I thought making a car air freshener using the flower loom might be an interesting project, so I used Vanna White navy and grey this time. The word "Dad" is easier to read (in my opinion), but it would look a little better if the letters were either smaller or more spaced out. My plan is to stuff it with batting, spray it with a little bit of cologne or fill it with some potpourri, and hang it in the car. I want to see how long it will take before the sun bleaches the color out of the yarn.

As far as what I gave my Dad for Father's Day: you'll just have to come back after Sunday to find that out. He'll have the gift by then.

Monday, June 14, 2010

Father's Day projects

I experimented with a few ideas for Father's Day gifts, and I will be posting them over the next couple of days. I tried to think outside the box on this one, so no sweaters or ties! What are you working on for Father's Day?

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

World Wide Knit In Public Day & A World Record...

Sounds like my kind of event!!!! World Wide Knit In Public Day is celebrated from June 12-20th this year. You can find all the details at www.wwkipday.com . I knit in public almost every day, but I haven't done it with a group of folks yet. I'm sure that would be an entirely different experience. Have you ever participated in an event like this?

Also, I missed the Guiness World Record for most people crocheting simultaneously on 6/5/10 at Citi Field in NY. Probably one of the only times I'd go to a baseball game. Did you go? Read about it here: http://www.nydailynews.com/ny_local/2010/06/06/2010-06-06_record_stitched_at_citi_field.html.