Thursday, July 29, 2010

Little Bo Peep's Sheep

Well, I'm just going to give her a lamb, not all of her sheep; after all, she's looking for the other ones...

So far I just finished the head and one leg (apart from the body which I posted earlier).

I was going to sew the head onto the body but thought better of it, since I would need to attach the legs first. I plan to finish the legs by the weekend and put them on at the start of next week, if not sooner. I will make the staff over the weekend. I plan on making a few of them, in case one cracks when I bake them in the oven. I wonder what they will smell like when they're baking.

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Little Bo Peep 1

Here she is, my Little Bo Peep coffee can doll!

I think she came out really nice.

It took me a little while longer to finish her, partly because the local craft store didn't have any air freshener dolls at all and I had to order it online. Then I decided I wanted to add pearls to her dress, but was having trouble finding the size pearls I wanted. I finally did:

Now I am working on her lamb, as you can see:

Over the weekend I plan on making a shepherd's crook out of clay for her, since I can't seem to find any that are the right size online or anywhere else. Probably would have an easier time of it at Christmas, with all the creches and shepherds around, but I don't want to wait that long. I'll just experiment with making my own this weekend.

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Website almost complete

Hello all! I've been pretty busy as of late, readying my knitting website for launch later this month. There are still a couple of bugs in it that I need to work out, but I hope to have them corrected soon.

In the meantime, I have been knitting another coffee can doll; this time it's Little Bo Peep. I have to find a miniature shepherd's crook for her, otherwise I'll be making one. And I have to knit a little sheep also, as a companion. I also have to braid her hair. But her dress has come out very nicely and this time I made puffy sleeves, which was an interesting experience. I hope to have her completed by the end of this week and I'll post pictures then.

Thursday, July 8, 2010

Firecracker top

How was your 4th? Ours was nice, but very very hot weather here. No matter how hot it gets, I'm still knitting, whether in the sun or in the shade.

This was the first "lid" I made for the firecracker. I was trying to get the blue, red, and white to be in even amounts, but for some reason it didn't come out right. I just wanted to include it here so you could see my first attempt.

I'm working on another doll, but the craft store didn't have any dolls left so now I have to order one online. Much better variety online.

Thursday, July 1, 2010


Here's a little coffee can firecracker I made for the 4th of July using the round blue loom and some red white and blue Red Heart yarn:

After I made it I thought about another variation on it, so if I get it done in time I'll post it before the 4th. If not, I'll post it later. The fuse is Thick & Quick, and the fire on the fuse is a simple pom-pom I made by wrapping two of my fingers together with yarn, cutting it, and then I tied it.