Thursday, June 17, 2010

For Dad... or not

Here are my Father's Day projects! The first one is a bank I made from a coffee can:

I used the red round loom to make the sleeve and drew up a diagram of where I thought the word "Dad" should be on the can. It looks fine when the yarn isn't stretched onto the can, but once I put it on the can the word "Dad" became difficult to read. Perhaps if I used a different kind of yarn? I used Homespun, which doesn't stretch a whole lot. I didn't try the next larger size loom because I thought it might be too loose on the can, but perhaps next time...

Here is a movie I filmed using my cell phone so you can see the word "Dad:"

Next up: another coffee can sleeve, but this time I wanted to create a dollar sign. I used Vanna White navy blue and Red Heart Paddy Green & Soft White. I didn't stretch it onto the can to see how it would fit yet, but when I do I will post the picture. I thought the dollar sign came out pretty good, except I was a little off at the bottom of the dollar sign.

Finally, I thought making a car air freshener using the flower loom might be an interesting project, so I used Vanna White navy and grey this time. The word "Dad" is easier to read (in my opinion), but it would look a little better if the letters were either smaller or more spaced out. My plan is to stuff it with batting, spray it with a little bit of cologne or fill it with some potpourri, and hang it in the car. I want to see how long it will take before the sun bleaches the color out of the yarn.

As far as what I gave my Dad for Father's Day: you'll just have to come back after Sunday to find that out. He'll have the gift by then.

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