Wednesday, January 6, 2010

You're an angel!

Here's my little angel that I made based on the pattern I got from (her 11/6/09 post)

Here's the back of it:

It didn't take long to make at all! Just about 2-3 hours (once you make an assemble all the parts). I take my time knitting anyway. I used Bernat Baby Coordinates Natural White for the yarn. I didn't have any gold rings for the halo, so I just used a sparkly gold pipe cleaner instead. I think that sets it off nicely.
For the arms: I didn't like the way it looked with just one I-cord for the arms. To me it was just too thin-looking. So I sewed the one I-cord together side by side to make one arm, and did the same for the second arm. This made the arms more like arms in clothing to me.

Then once I assembled it with the wings, I felt it just needed a little SOMETHING. So I made a rose using lion brand homespun holly red. I knitted an I cord and curled it around until it looked rose-like to me, and then carefully sewed it together in that position. For the stem I simply took lion brang homespun holiday green and made a tight braid out of three strands of it. It came out nice, don't you think?

What's even nicer is that someone bought it, and asked me to make another one just like it! Here it is below:
As you can see I used a different green yarn for the stem on this rose, because I ran out of the holiday green that I had used for the first one.

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