Thursday, January 14, 2010

My Rosy Pillow

The rose pillow is done but I kept looking at it, thinking it still needed a little SOMETHING... but I decided to leave it alone and live with it for awhile. I didn't want to overdo it. If it still bothered me later or told me it needed something more, I'd add it.

But later on today when I showed it to a friend, he asked me instictively if I was going to add something in the space where I thought it needed something more. To me that was confirmation. I needed to add something, but what? He suggested grass, which I immediately pictured in my head, but that didn't seem like the "it" I was looking for. I had originally thought of adding an extra rose petal, as if it had fallen from the rose, but that seemed to add a bittersweet aspect to it that I wasn't looking to add.

Then I thought, "How about a rosebud?" That would seem easy enough. I just made a long I-cord (on 2 pegs of the pink loom) for the green stem, made a short green I-cord and sewed it together so it looked somewhat like a leaf just coming in. For the rosebud I made a red I-cord, folded and pinched it into a shape that looked rosebud-like, and sewed it together. I had made a short green I-cord before, in case I needed to add more leaves, so I sewed it onto the rosebud and then sewed the rosebud onto the green stem.

By this time I had already stuffed and sewn the pillow closed, so I had to carefully sew the stem and rosebud onto the pillow. I really like the results:

The rosebud was just what that empty area needed.

Here is the back:

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