Thursday, April 14, 2011

Loom Knit Felted Pants Part 2

Here's the latest progress on the pair of pants I'm loom knitting: So far: two pants legs, and I'm working on the torso using all the pegs on the blue straight loom, 1 over 2 stockinette stitch. This is still an experiment for me, and I hope it will work out. I won't know until I put everything together and felt it. I feel pretty good about how it's turning out so far. Someone suggested that I line the inside of the pants to prevent them from geing scratchy, which is an excellent idea. I will start shopping for some extra soft fabric to line them with. But the only problem is I just glanced at the calendar today and I noticed that Easter is next weekend already! Where did the time go? So I will post my two Easter projects next week, and then post the finished results for the pants the week after Easter. Plus, next week I'll be posting a portion of an interview I had with someone who is a loom knitting phenomenon! Hope you'll check it out!