Friday, April 22, 2011

An Easter Cross

My second Easter project this year was something I had planned to do last year, but I couldn't find the right frame last year. I had made the cross with lily in 2010 (see ) . This time I found the frame I wanted at Michael's Craft Store, and it was 40% off! A 9x20 shadow box. It came with a black velour backing, which I had no intention of using. The cross I had made didn't look good against the black, so I decided I would get some fabric the cover it up. I finally decided on a green fabric with a textured vine print on it, which matched quite well with the color of the cross.

I cut the fabric and wrapped the backing with it, using some archival document repair tape to secure it to the back of the backing.

I also used the archival tape to attach the cross to the fabric. Next I created a little Scripture card to go underneath the cross

(I am the resurrection and the life. - John 11:25). I printed it on a blank business card that I had, and used glue dots to attach the card to a piece of foam core, which I cut out around the card. I then used archival tape to attach the card to the fabric.

Finally I put everything in the frame, and it was done! I was happy with how it turned out.

Happy Easter to one and all!


  1. Very nice, Greg!! Hope you have a wonderful Easter!

  2. Very nice statement Greg. I'm glad to see you got it finished and framed. I love the cross with lily and the note makes it so true.Great way to display your knitting and talent.

  3. Thanks! We did have a nice Easter, hope you all did too!