Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Watermelon in Winter?

You bet, and it's ripe and delicious, fresh off the loom!

Well, actually I knit it during the summertime so I could post it now, when the winter winds are raging and frigid temperatures say anything but summer. With this cheerful hat you can bring a slice of summertime into your winter and brighten the day of anyone who sees you wearing it! I used the round green loom to knit it, 1 over 2 stitch, with red heart red, paddy green, and white yarn. The seeds are some navy blue yarn I had in my stash. The hat itself is simple to make. I knit the seeds separately and then sewed them on. They are simply mini I-cords that are sewed together and shaped to look like seeds. I actually made it small enough for my 5 year old daughter to wear, but I could fit my head into it as well. You may need to adjust the amount of green and white "rind" for an adult's head.
Try not to giggle too much when you wear it!


  1. Yummy hat, Greg! I love the dimensional "seeds". Makes me yearn for the "good ole summertime"!