Wednesday, May 5, 2010


This beauty stands nearly 18 inches tall and the flower head is 9 inches across, as if it were the real thing! Requires more work sewing the petals on individually, but the results are great. I used one over one e-wrap stitches throughout (except for the stem, which uses 1 over 2). You will need the blue loom, spool loom, yarn needle, stuffing, green yarn, yellow yarn, brown yarn (I used some leftover Homespun Wildfire for the head), and a wooden dowel half an inch in diameter (or slightly larger).

The stem: I used the large end of the spool loom to knit a tube 11 inches long. After binding off I gently pushed the dowel up inside the stem.
The stem cup which supports the flower head: Using the blue loom, I did a drawstring cast on d then knit off 23 rows. After binding off I put the bottom end of the stem cup onto the top end of the stem and pulled the drawstrign closed. Then sew the stem cup onto the stem. Stuff the inside with batting.

For the flower head: Using the blue loom I did a drawstring cast on and knit off 16 rows. I pulled the drawstring and sewed it shut with the tail on the inside.

For the petals: Using one side of the pink loom, I cast on 6 pegs 1 over 1 and knit off 1 over 2 for 15 rows. I then decreased the two outer pegs to knit off 2 rows on 4 pegs and bind off. I made 20 petals. I then arranged them in a circle and knit the lower portion of each petal together. I slightly overlapped each petal. Next I sewed the petal to the back of the flower head. I made petals different lengths.

Next after I was sure I had stuffed the stem cup with as much batting as I wanted, I positioned the flower head with the petals over the stem cup to ensure that the flower looked centered. I then sewed the flower head and petals onto the stem cup. Carefully assemble all parts by sewing them together, and that's that!

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