Saturday, May 29, 2010

Fruit slices

When I was growing up, fruit slices were one of my most favorite candies in the whole world! It was special to me because to get fruit slices meant that we were going to take a family trip to a local mall, and a certain department store had a candy counter which sold fruit slices, Swedish fish, and Maple Nut Goodies, all my favorites!!! I can still taste the sugar-coated jelly candy in my mouth right now...

I had different ways of eating them too: one way was to nibble the rind off first, then eat the rest of the slice. Another way was to eat the inside of the slice and then nibble the rind. Another way was to stuff the whole slice in my mouth and melt the sugar off before chewing the entire thing up. Such sweet memories!

Well, here's my hand at knitting a few fruit slices. I think I will keep trying to accomplish these, and one day I will, but for now I think I'm off to ao pretty good start:

The first ones I made were the watermelon slices. I made them both using athe blue round loom, but the first one I made is more elongated than the second one. I also knit the seeds into the watermelon. The second one that looks more like an actual slice had a fewer number of rows, and that made all the difference. The seeds I knit apart from the watermelon and then sewed them on, so they are shaped more like seeds (to my eye).
The yarns I used were Homespun Candy Apple, Red Heart Soft White and Paddy Green. The seeds are bits of dark blue leftover yarn I had.

The lemon slice was made on the blue loom also. I used Red Heart Yellow and some thin yellow yarn I had. If I could figure out how to keep the ends from curling up, then you would be able to see that there is a row of thin yellow yarn around the outer edge, followed by the deep yellow yarn for the rind. But I felt that this would have been a mammoth-sized lemon in real life, so I decided to try making the lemon slice on the flower loom instead.

This lemon slice turned out more like a flower rather than a lemon slice, but what might you expect using the flower loom? Maybe I will use a different stitch next time instead of e-wrapping. Now you know Loom Dude is going to figure out and perfect a way to make scrumptious fruit slices using the loom, so stay loomed - oops, I mean stay tuned!

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