Sunday, May 9, 2010


For my wife, instead of cut flowers, veggies to grow in our garden.I got her that last year for Mom's Day, and she really enjoyed the crop of green and red peppers, romaine lettuce, and green beans throughout the summer.

And for my Mom, I made a 27 x 39 shawl on the long blue loom and the flower loom, using Homespun Colonial, Deco, and Tudor:

Here is a photo of me wearing it:

I knew I wanted to create a row of "flowers" to separate the two shawl flat panels, but I needed to experiment with different styles:

Here's what the back of the flowers looks like:

Finally I picked this one:

Each flower is unique and individual. They are not all the same size; some are even a little 3 dimensional.

I had a lot of fun working on this shawl and it was relatively easy to do. It took 4 skeins of Colonial to make. What I like about it is that is stretches easily, and is warm, yet will allow for plenty of air flow so you don't get too warm wearing it. I had been practicing and learning a lot of different kinds of stitches before I embarked on creating this shawl, so I used what I learned to make it.


  1. The shawl is lovely, and your flowers are amazing. What a creative mind you have! I bet your mom enjoyed the shawl.

  2. Thank you! My Mom did enjoy it very much, and i had fun making it.