Tuesday, October 5, 2010

North Jersey Fiber Arts Festival

My daughter and I went to the North Jersey Fiber Arts Festival this past weekend (http://www.northjerseyfiberartsfestival.com/). It was nice weather on Saturday, and the drive to the festival was fine until we got closer to it where the traffic was really snarled. But on this particular road in NJ traffic is always pretty ugly.
Anyway, once we arrived at the festival, all traffic cares melted away as the feeling of being among friends welcomed us. The admission fee was $8.00/person, which was certainly a bargain for the fun that was to be had. The festival was inside a center which had two rooms, one large and one small.
In both rooms there were interesting demonstrations going on,
weaving at looms large and small (even my daughter tried her hand at the small loom - no that isn't her or me in the picture!)
and vendors with plenty of wonderful items to choose from.
Duduza Dolls, dolls knitted and distributed to Ghanaian children recovering from surgery
There were also workshops going on, but I knew ahead of time that we weren't going to be participating in any of them. Our friends from Abenaki Acres Alpaca Farm (http://www.abenakiacres.com/) were also there, whom we gladly greeted and chatted with for awhile. Outside there was a large tent where you could sit and knit quietly, or eat lunch at tables provided. My daughter and I shared a turkey and swiss sandwich. I'm very glad that we went!
Probably the funniest moment of the day came when I saw this bumper sticker sitting on a vendor's table:

It just cracked me up, since I knew exactly what it meant! Knit 1 Pearl 2! Pretty much summed up the experience for me!

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  1. Ha! I live very close to Ellicott City! I'll have to check out that yarn shop!