Thursday, September 15, 2011

New Steering Wheel Cover

I needed another steering wheel cover for a green minivan, and since the last one I made came out so well (see here for pics and directions:, I decided to make my own:

Here is a detail of the stitching. I used 1 over 1 stockinette, double stranding (1 strand of Sugar 'n Cream Green Twists and 1 strand of Lion Brand Hometown USA Oklahoma City Green), and knit off 110 rows on 10 pegs on the flower loom:

These steering wheel covers are simple to make; the only bit of a challenge comes when you have to sew the cover onto the steering wheel. This can take time, but it is well worth the end result. I suppose if you wanted to use velcro strips instead of sewing the cover on, it would probably work, but you would need to knit on 12 pegs instead of 10. I knew I wanted to use green yarn, but I didn't want something too pastel or deep green. Combining the Sugar 'n Cream with the Hometown USA provided just the look I wanted: variety without being too busy. What do you think?


  1. I think I want to kick your butt.. Now I want to take mine out & redo it with the real thin blue yarn I have here.. not sure what it is called but I think it would do just the same as yours w/ my black cover.. ugh. you shouldve thought of this before :-p btw it looks nice!! Wish my SW would come off so I can install it in the nice AC Lol.

  2. That is REALLY cool looking! I'm absolutely going to make one out of "suede" and yarn, in order to have a good grip on the wheel :) Thanks so much for sharing, and making a pattern for a steering wheel cover!!! I'm taking your advise to put velcro closures on it... will make getting it off and on for cleaning a lot easier :)
    Jolene :)

    1. How do you make a steering wheel out of suede and yarn? Suede is material, so how do you propose to loom knit that with yarn???

  3. Hi Gregory,
    I just wanted to let you know that I've started my older brother's LOOM DUDE cupcake for his birthday later this week. (I am a terrible procrastinator)!!! (He is turning 56 and is in last stages of MS). Anyway, it is really fun, and I posted a pick of the first part of the cupcake (the paper cup part) on Face Book's "Loom Knitter/Loom Creations" :)
    Also, I found a really cool idea for a "broomstick fringe needle"... just use the lint roller once the tape is all used up. It already has a handle, and has just the right amount of room on the roller to make loopy fringe for a scarf:)

  4. Misty: if you do make another one, hope it comes out sweet! Sounds great, Jolene! So glad you are having fun making it! And neat idea for the lint roller too

  5. I love the color green! :) I bet those steering wheel covers would look good on my car. I love how you mixed the colors to make it look more comfy. Anyway, why did you choose that color?

    Mickey Doshi

  6. It looks comfortable. Why did you make one? Mine is starting to feel a bit sticky, and I'm planning on getting one so may hands wouldn't be the same after driving. he-he. A black one with white trim would look good.

    Tyra Shortino

  7. Thanks one and all! I chose green to match the color of my vehicle. And I made it primarily to keep my hands warm in the winter. Icy cold steering wheels don't appeal to me, neither do scorching hot ones.

  8. I think that's AWESOME! I have Raynaud's Disease so my hands get cold very quickly. I need a cover for my new car and this is the perfect way to get one that I like! Thanks!

  9. Hi Gregory, I love love love this! I have one of those polypropylene ones and it stinks like chemicals...I don't have a loom knitter can I do with by just using knitting needles?

  10. I just loved this color. Youd dont get to see a burnt green steering wheel cover everytime, Its so unique to say the least.

    heated wheel covers

  11. I dont think so. When I had mine on, it would slide a lot even with sewing it on, so sewing it on is essential. best steering wheel cover

  12. I enjoyed the sample of your book, and I think I will be getting my husband to download it on our Kindle! I appreciate your tutorials and encouragement!