Saturday, August 27, 2011

Starting New Baby Gift Set

Here is the start of my next baby gift set: a blue baby hat and socks -

I will work on the blanket and post that as well, but I'm curious to see what kind of box I can find to put the gift set in. There really aren't a lot of choices that I've found for a baby boy gift box. Anyone know of where I might find something suitable?

I am also going to put a different design on this blanket instead of the one I used for the baby girl blankie. New pictures to follow soon!


  1. Oh, how sweet for someone's new little dude!

  2. That's lovely! Have you thought of using a small toolbox or toy wagon in lieu of an actual gift box? Maybe even a smaller knit baby bag or drawstring bag that can later be used to hold all those millions of tiny socks and washcloths infants seem to go through.

  3. I like the color! It's unique versus the usual BABY blue but it's still very soft and yet masculine. Greg, I think your works here are fabulous! I'm new to loom knitting and would like to know if you can tell us how to loom knit a men's necktie, please. Thanks.

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