Thursday, July 21, 2011

Baby Blankie Gift Set!

Here is the complete baby blankie gift set, at last!

But first, to complete the baby blankie, I blocked it, taking care not to stretch it too much so it would keep it's shape:

After blocking, the blankie measured 24"x30". Next I pinned the blankie to a large piece of pink flannel and carefully cut out the flannel around it. With Coats and Clark pink thread, I painstakingly hand sewed the blankie to the flannel around the outer edges. I made sure to sew every loose bit of yarn onto the flannel around the edges so it wouldn't snag.

Then I pinned a pattern on the flannel side of the blankie and carefully sewed the flannel to the blankie according to the pattern I made. First I pinned about 2" in from the edges to create a box, and sewed that. Next, to make the center x pattern, I lay strips of paper down diagonally until a straight line is formed, and then stuck the strips of paper to the flannel using post-its (regular tape would fray the flannel too much when you pull it off). Then I pinned along the edge of the paper strips to create the line, removed the strips and sewed along the edge of the pins. This helps keep the blankie from sagging and keeps the flannel from separating from the knitting.

Finally, I arranged the hat, booties and blankie inside the box that I bought from a local craft store (Michael's). It has a magnetic strip on the top flap that keeps the box closed.

I'm thrilled with the way that it came out, and I have already started working on a blue gift set!


  1. Greg, It turned out beatiful. I would really like to keep in contact with you cause we both use the looms and I love how you created the baby gift set.
    Can you please send me a direct link to you through my email? My personal email is

  2. So adorable and loving in all the work you put into it :)

  3. So cute! Can you recommend on books on loom knitting?


  4. Thought I'd just post a comment on loom knitting books... there are quite a few out there, FINALLY! (I probably have all of them, LOL!) The best one to start with would be by Isela Phelps, which is a Loom Knitters "primer" and gives you practically everything you ever need to know about Loom Knitting. It's title is: LOOM KNITTING PRIMER.
    I have it with me whenever I start a project to check on any process I will be doing. Also, Kathy Norris has authored a booklet for Leisure Arts, titled: I CAN'T BELIEVE I'M LOOM KNITTING!
    There will be a new book coming out this August by Bethany Dailey, entitled: LOOM KNITTING FOR LITTLE PEOPLE.
    These are my "go to books" for information. But, I must admit, I like the knitting tutorials (videos) on YouTube the very best!!!

  5. Great recommendations, Jolene! I also have found the illustrated loom stitch techniques at the back of Isela Phelps' book "No-Needle Knits Loom Knitting Pattern Book" to be extremely helpful.

  6. Thank you for sharing beautiful. Your thoughtfulness for the blanket will be appreciated.