Thursday, May 19, 2011

Baby Hat With A Striped Brim

I made some progress on my baby projects, so here they are:

First I wanted to make some baby booties, so I searched online for a pattern that I could follow, and found Jennifer Stark's Flower Loom Footsies ( They seem very simple to make, and I will post a photo of the footsies once they are done. I notice that the directions explain a way to make the heel and toe that I haven't tried before, so I'll be curious to see how it comes out. Whenever I've turned the heel on the loom in the past, there were always gaps in the heel. She also has a technique called the baisc graft cast off, something I've never tried before either.

For now, I have completed a baby hat using Bernat Baby Coordinates Baby Pink and Natural yarns for the brim. On the round blue loom, I simply alternated the colors (pink on odd pegs, natural on even pegs) to create the stripe pattern for the brim.

It takes longer, but I like the effect. I almost liked it enough to make the entire hat out of stripes, but decided just to stop at the brim.

For the top of the baby hat, I tried out the basic graft cast off from the footsies pattern, and it worked great! I never knew how to make the top of a hat lie flat after casting off, and this is a great way to do that.

I'm using the stripe effect on the top edge of the baby blanket I'm knitting on the long blue loom, so we'll see how that comes out. If it's a little too stringy for little baby hands to get caught in, then I will unravel it and just alternate a knit and pearl pattern instead in the pink yarn only. Or I was also contemplating sewing a satin ribbon to the back of it to prevent baby fingers from getting caught in the strands. We'll have to see, I just started it, and I'm up to 13 rows now.

At first I was going to create an elaborate pattern on the blanket, but then I decided that simple would be better for now. So I will incorporate a simple pattern on the blanket to add interest. The blanket will probably take me a couple of weeks to finish, but I will post my progress as I go along.


  1. Hi Greg, I enjoy your blog and your other websites. I enjoy seeing what you have been working on. I want to thank you too for adding my blog to your "Awesome Links" list! That is really neat and an honor to me that you did that. Thank you! God bless Emmy

  2. PS! I added your blog to my blog list.

  3. Thanks! From one awesome blog to another.