Monday, September 6, 2010

My First Loom!

Well, knitting friends, I was sorting through the boxes in my storage area and came across this little gem. This is the first loom I ever used, I saved it since I was a child!
You use it with yarn to make squares that you then sew together with yarn. I got it from a thrift store that we used to go to a lot when I was a kid. I've probably had this loom since I was 12 years old! I used it to make a scarf and a wall hanging, as well as a carpet and a blanket for a bed for my sister's dollhouse. I used it to make other things as well, but those are the main projects I remembered. It is called the Wonder Weave, manufactured by Karbercraft Co back in 1964. I still have the project book and the instructions that go with it.
I don't recall if I have any pictures of the projects I made with it, but if I come across any I'll post them. Who knows, maybe I'll start using it again!


  1. What wonderful memories and a great "rediscovery!"

  2. Lucky you!!! Wish I could find one of these Wonder Weave looms.

    I found your site -- that's IT for today!! LOL

    Gentle as you go,
    in southern California ... where a storm is brewing.