Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Shepherd's Crook is Coming Along

Had a chance to paint Little Bo Peep's crook today after I bought the acrylic paint yesterday at the craft store, 2 for $1. I wasn't sure which color brown I wanted, so I bought these two: brown and espresso.

I settled on the Espresso and got started. It matched the color of her hair better. As I painted it, the smell of the paint reminded me of when I used to paint in grammar school, and that was a pleasant memory.

It went on relatively smooth, but it didn't cover extremely well. I know I will wind up giving it two or three coats before I'm done. And I forgot to look at the paint carefully when I was in the store to see if it was glossy or matte. Of course, it doesn't say, so I'll have to wait and find out after it dries.

I painted it on wax paper, but after I started I thought of a better way to paint it. I have a pencil holder, and I could have gotten it painted all over by standing it up in the pencil holder and painting it instead of lying it flat. But it's too late now. Maybe when the other side dries I'll try it that way.

I like how the color turned out, though it is blotching in places, which is what I suspected.

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